Vrujci Spa  

It is said that the area around the Vrujci springs has been settled for a long time . As a spa resort Banja Vrujci started developing after World War II. The first baths were built by farmers on whose properties mineral water springs were found. In 1938 the bathroom “Vojvoda Misic” was built and it had two bath tubs (for women and men), dimensions 5x4ms, the depth was 0.9m.In the same year a doctor was employed during the season. The river Gornja Toplica flows through Vrujci and it is named after its warm water which is never frozen in winter, but it evaporates in the air which makes a very pleasant sight especially in winter.

The legend says that the national hero Milan Toplica had a palace there and that his name Toplica comes after the river Toplica The legend also says that Serbian soldiers during the First World War and especially after the Battle of Kolubara treated their wounds and cured themselves bathing in the River Toplica.

In 1953 each bathing pool got a changing room next  to it.The capacity of each pool was 15 patients at a time. The first chemical analysis of this thermo-mineral water was made in 1958 at the Balneology Institute Belgrade.

Since the First World War up to present days Banja Vrujci once a “peasants spa” has  grown into a modern sports and recreation centre with many swimming pools, massage mineral pools and other mineral water pools with mud. There are also tennis, football and basketball courts. Vrujci Spa has many hotels and private inns to accommodate many tourists that visit Vrujci.

Banja Vrujci is situated in the northwestern Serbia in the basin of the Kolubara river, in Valjevska podgorina region. It lies amidst pictoresque hills near the village Gornja Toplica, near the road Mionica –Ljig, in the valley of the Toplica river (the right  tributary of the Kolubara), which means “warm water”.

Its altitude of 179 to 252 meters above sea level makes it comparatively the lowest spa resort in Serbia by altitude. The climate is mild, moderate and continental. Due to weather circumstances, the outdoor pools of Banja Vrujci can be sometimes used from April till the beginning of October.

The distance from Belgrade is 92 km while from Ibarska magistrala (the croossroad Ljig) – 15 km only.

Waters and muds of Vrujci Spa heal

  • chronic reumathysm
  • high blood pressure
  • anemia
  • neurasthenia
  • kidney stones and urinary tract
  • gynecological diseases
  • Ophthalmological
  • skin diseases
  • chronic urinary infections
  • chronic diseases of the stomach and duodenum
  • neurotic anxiety lower level
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders of the lower level
  • psychosomatic neurosis
  • professional neurosis and hypertension in the first degree (without complications bodies)
  • musculoskeletal system diseases


The beautiful and picturesque landscape aroud Banja Vrujci can be best acquainted and experienced through walks along trim paths.

Banja Vrujci is geographically in the very heart of Serbia and its climate and environment provide conditions for active recreation and a proper peace and rest which cannot be easily achieved in urban areas. While having a rest in Banja Vrujci you can visit the surroundings Ribnicka pecina (Ribnica Cave), Struganik (with the birth house of the duke Vojvoda Misisc), Ravna Gora, Mionica, Divcibare, monasteries – Lelic, Celije, Bogovadja.

Ribnica cave (7km) – Ribnicka pecina (7km) is situated near the Ribnica river…

In Ribnica village there is a church of St. Peter and Paul built in 1907…

Struganik (7km) Majdani – out of these quarries genuine flat chalk stone is dug and used for decorating facades, interiors, fireplaces, fountains, paths and squares, and it is built in the famous Wiena Opera house.

Born house of duke Živojin Mišić (1855-1921) – Today the house of the duke Zivojin Misic belongs to the memorial complex… . In the house of the duke Misic there are chronologically presented his descent, childhood, education, the history of the family Misic….

Ravna gora(25km) – has paid its tribute to the historical past events… Mokra pećina – Mokra pecina (a cave) – is in the region of Ravna Gora and presents its most valuable spot…

Mionica(8km) – Mionica (8km), a small town. There is a church of Christ` s Ascension, built in …

Divčibare(37km) – Divcibare (37km) – it is a highland of the mountain Maljen, the altitude is about 1000m…

Rajac (24km) – Rajac (a mountain,24km) – nature has lavishly gifted this area with outstanding beauty…

Monastery Bogovađa (15km) – Bogovadja Monastery with the church of St George was founded in 1545…

Monastery Lelić (33km) – the founder of the church and and the adjoining monastery buildings was bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic who was greatly helped by his father Dragomir…

Monastery Ćelije(33km) – the monastery is situated on the left bank of the river Gradac, in the area of the village Lelic, 5km away from Valjevo…

The distance from Belgrade is 92 km


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