Sokobanja (Serbian Cyrillic: Сокобања, pronounced [sɔ̂kɔbaɲa]) is a spa town and municipality located in the Zaječar District of the eastern Serbia. In 2011 the population of the Sokobanja town is 7,972, while the population of the whole municipality is 15,981.

Sokobanja is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Serbia. It is situated in the southern part of Sokobanja valley, surrounded by mountains OzrenDevicaJaniorRtanj and Bukovik. The Moravica River runs through Sokobanja. It creates a canyon just 2 km before entering the town. Remains of the Roman and later medieval Serbian fortress Sokograd stand today near the canyon of Moravica. Lake Bovan is situated some 10 minutes of drive to the west of Sokobanja. It is especially popular among fishermen. Special hospital for lung diseases is situated on Ozren mountain. Town center of Sokobanja is home to the 16th-century Turkish baths and 19th-century buildings of the elementary school, Milošev konak and Serbian Orthodox church.

Soko Grad (Soko town), also known as Sokolac, was a medieval city and fortress 2 km east of Sokobanja. The fortress was declared a Monument of Culture of Great Importance in 1982, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia. The fortress was founded in the 6th century during the reign of Emperor Justinian I, to prevent incursions of Pannonian Avars and Slavs into the Balkan peninsula. In 1172, it was occupied by Stefan Nemanja and became part of the medieval Serbian state. The Ottoman Empire occupied it in 1398. The town was destroyed by the Ottomans during a conflict, and today the only visible remains of the upper town are the gate, walls, and three towers.


Where to go or what to visit

The proximity of the mountain Rtanj with unique Pyramidal shape (three sided even sided pyramid biggest in the world with perfect angles of its sides with 105, 105 and 150 degrees angles like Hydrogen atom and Oxygen atom position in H2O molecule. Such a mysterious mountain immediately makes you wanna visit such a rarity where UFO occurrence’s and other unexplained mysteries arise from time to time. The area is full of unknown positive energy vibrations that every visitor who comes in the vicinity of the mountain Rtanj feels.

Bovansko lake with renowned fishermen competition in summer months brings many visitors from all around the Europe and the region and it is very popular for its nice beaches and also mountain bike tracks that lead around the lake in length long up to 42 kilometers. There are also walking trails in the parks and nice woods for the recreation of tourists in the visit of Soko banja Spa.

Medieval fortress just above the Soko banja, and many other places like the town swimming pools and restaurants and cafes simply attract you to visit them and meet the nature,  history and authenticity of the Soko banja and this whole area.

Area of this small Spa town is abundant with many interesting sites to visit, and they will undoubtedly reveal themselves once you visit Soko Spa and stay more than three days.

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