Bukovicka Spa

Bukovička Spa is situated at the base of the mountain Bukulja at 256 m of altitude. Waters of Bukovicka Spa has been using the famous Serbian writer Dositej Obradovic, and at the request of Serbian ruler Knjaz Milos the water from Bukovicka spa has been used and promoted as the table water.

Water from Bukovicka Spa is very healthy and helps with healing neurological problems and generally the problems of the human nervous system. It is known that this water contains mineral compounds in favorable balance with Natrium, Calcium, Magnesium and other for quick nervous system recovery.

In the first decade of the 20th century begins the bottling of one of the famous mineral waters Knjaz Milos

Nowadays in the specialized rehabilitation hospital of Bukovicka banja (Bukovicka Spa) they apply most contemporary therapeutic methods based on healing medical properties water, clay and climate with healing many different diseases. Thus specialized rehabilitation hospital of Bukovicka Spa has one and the only specialized hospital unit in Serbia for extended healing education and rehabilitation for the children that suffer from a very specific form of insulin-dependent diabetes. http://www.bukovickabanja.co.rs/en_index.html

Within the recreational block of the special hospital, besides standard hydrotherapeutic procedures, there is a pool with Jacuzzi and underwater massage, solarium, sauna, hydrokinetic shower, shower massages with changeable pressure and temperature, mud baths and fitness cabinet. Park of Bukovicka Spa with geometrical structure and surface of 21.5 sq. ha has a multitude of different plant cultures and trees and presents a beautiful environment for relaxing long walks. Old building the oldest one in the Park of Bukovicka Spa, today is the hotel that is the very symbol of Bukovicka Spa. The old building that is today has been built by the Knjaz Milos Obrenovic at 1865 as his summer residence and assembly dome.

Bukovicka Spa is approximately 80  kilometers away from the capital Belgrade.

Nearby Bukovicka Spa there is the Cave Risovaca famous excavation site dating from the old stone age as a monument of nature and the oldest proof of human existence in Balkan peninsula. Cave Risovaca is arranged for touristic sightseeing as sort of Museum of Paleolite.

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