Mount Rtanj

Rtanj is the mystic mountain is by its even sided triangular pyramidal shape and other attributes unique in the whole world.

Rtanj is the mountain also famous for its specific, endemic herbs which grow only on this mountain and which are protected by the law. The most famous one is Rtanj Tea (Saturea montana) which has numerous healing properties. Until recently, every year on July 7th in the framework of the manifestation “Sv Jovan Biljober”, the harvest of the Rtanj Tea was organized, but now it is prohibited due to the worrying comparison. Rtanj mountain is in the vicinity of Soko Banja (Soko Spa) and Bovansko lake famous for fishing and other sports like biking and X trailing. All the visitors of this unique mountain might search for the accommodation at Soko Spa or at numerous Motels and other private houses which do not lack with luxury in the vicinity of Mount Rtanj.

However, according to a legend, the castle that belonged to some wizard was situated on the top of the  Rtanj Mountain, in which a great treasure was guarded. The castle had disappeared in the Sea of time and on the very peak Šiljak, there is a now little chapel dedicated to St. George. It was built in 1932 by the wife of a former owner of the mines. Today, the chapel is in ruins, as it was partly destroyed by dynamite,by gold rush treasure hunters when they tried to find the hidden gold.

Rtanj is thought to be more than just a mountain. Many believe that it contains pyramidal structures. Its old Roman name is Aartan, which means “artificial mountain” suggests that there might be the truth in such allegations. It is full of unexplained mysteries and legends. In Arthur C. Clark’s, science fiction novel, “Space Odyssey 2010”, he wrote that Rtanj is not a mountain, but a pyramid that lies hidden under it, as an oldest creation of the human civilization.

“The Center for Research and Ecology from Belgrade has issued a request to the Government of Serbia to allow the formation of a research center in Rtanj in order to determine the cause of obvious mystic appearances this mountain hides.

The latest findings achieved through geographic and magnetic measurement depict that a pyramid resides under Rtanj!

They say that Rtanj has specific electromagnetic waves which have a geopathological influence on the human organism. They have issued a request to the corresponding Ministry in order to “scrach” the mountain, to open several excavation sites.

They expect they’ll find structures and subterranean passages. The team of the Center for research has discovered that Rtanj lies on three great underground rivers on the depth greater than 100 meters. According to the examinations thus far, it is a great possibility that the human civilization originates from Serbia, and precisely from this place.

For generations it has been talked of strange sightings on Rtanj. A lot of residents had claimed they saw flying saucers, while appearances of flying balls has now become a daily depiction.

Science did not prove these things, but, for an example, the most unique type of plants that grow here still are something that shows the uniqueness of this ground. The Boljevac mayor has stated that on the very top of Rtanj, on 1.565 meters, there resides a peculiar hole, which is, most probably, one of the pyramid’s exits. There are witnesses claiming that a shepherd threw his pipe into that hole, and then later it was found in a totally different, lower area of the mountain.

Long ago Arthur Clark, author of the novel “Space Odyssey 2010”, has written that Rtanj mountain is actually not a mountain, but the pyramid that lies hidden under it, as an oldest creation of the human civilization.

Fact is that mountain Rtanj is full of mysteries, and that strange happenings have their way there. The real truth behind them all is hidden in the layers of time, that didn’t change the shape looks and very good energy of this beautiful and above all, unique mountain.

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