Passage2Serbia offers a wide range of transport services across Serbia.

With a great knowledge of Serbian culture and history we can transfer you to any Serbian heritage site like monasteries, churches and monuments or just your  desired destinations like cities or towns. Serbia is a land with the beautiful nature and for that reason we also do transfer to Serbian National parks, spas and mountain resorts.

As experienced drivers we are always looking to transfer tourists safely and as fast as possible. We drive to a large number of Serbian tourist sites and we know the safest and fastest roads in Serbia.

Our prices for transfer services depend on number of people, distance from Belgrade as well as other factors.
Please send us a transfer request by filling the form below and we will reply to you with our offer for your transfer.

Feel free to ask us any questions if you need to ask or if you have a need for a guide send request for more information.

Phone for booking rides, FT & Viber Tel: +381 66 930 91 33

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