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Personalized transfers around Belgrade

Belgrade is renowned as the city that never sleeps and that has become the symbol of the magnificent and unforgettable nightlife”. City line on the river banks of its two rivers appears with numerous attractive floating cafes and restaurants and night clubs that have become a synonym for the great time and amusement. Also at the very center of Belgrade is located Skadarlija, the bohemian street abundant with traditional food restaurants and known, for a place where live music and singing can be heard until the very dawn hours.


The bohemian street abundant with traditional restaurants where you can enjoy specialties of National cuisine. Live music and singing can be heard until the very dawn hours.

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Kalemegdan fortress

The Belgrade fortress which is the symbol of Belgrade, and in it visit the upper city in which you can find the Despots gate, “Sahat kula”, the roman well and the statue of the Victor.

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On Avala mountain, which is overlooking Belgrade, you can see the Monuments to the Unknown Hero, Avala tower and World War II Memorial Park.

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Transport to the Serbian monasteries

Mileševa Monastery

Manastir Žiča

Zica Monastery is the memorial of the Serbian king Stefan I the first King of Serbia. The construction of the main church, the Church of Christ’s Resurrection, started in 1206 and was finished before 1217.

Manastir Ravanica

Ravanica (Serbian Cyrillic: Раваница) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery on Kučaj mountains near Ćuprija in Central Serbia. It was built in 1375–1377 as an endowment of prince Lazar of Serbia, who is buried there.

Monastery Ljubostinja

The legends says that the monastery was built on a site where Princess Milica met Prince Lazar for the first time. The construction of this foundation started in 1388-89.

Spas in Serbia

Vrnjacka Spa

Vrnjacka Spa is the most famous spa and the most visited tourist destination in Serbia. Visitors have been coming to Vrnjacka Spa for already 135 years for health reasons as well as cultural, sports and other events. 


Sokobanja (Serbian Cyrillic: Сокобања, pronounced [sɔ̂kɔbaɲa]) is a spa town and municipality located in the Zaječar District of the eastern Serbia.

Vrujci Spa

The legend says that the national hero Milan Toplica had a palace there and that his name Toplica comes after the river Toplica.

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